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The Leading Experts in South Australian Ecosystems

Led by our Technical Director Andrew Sinel, with over 15 years of hands-on field experience, Ecosphere boasts a team of uniquely experienced scientists. Our team’s knowledge of South Australian flora and fauna is unmatched and comes with a deep understanding of the intricate interconnectedness of South Australia’s ecosystems. Knowing exactly where and when to look for specific species, our team has spent thousands of hours in the field, identifying prime habitats and observing species in their natural environment. Their comprehensive field experience sets them apart and brings an unparalleled level of insight to their work.

Honest, Impartial Advice

Integrity and honesty sit at the core of our company values. We are committed to providing truthful and impartial advice, backed by our extensive experience in ecological consulting. We are proud of our reputation and our positive relationships with clients, consultancies and regulatory bodies; and our ability to reconcile different parties’ objectives towards a positive outcome. Our network of connections allows us to collaborate, outsource when necessary, and refer to other experts, ensuring that our clients receive the best support for their projects. Our team’s resourcefulness, positivity, and practical approach to problem-solving mean that no obstacles are too big to overcome, deadlines are achieved, and updates communicated with clarity.
Our Team
Team vehicles in the field

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide consistently excellent quality: in our relationships, the way we work, the quality of the end result, and our communications. We aim to develop a strong rapport with clients, based on open communication, trust, reliability and exceeding expectations. We work hard to keep projects on track through careful planning, effective management, and frequent communication. This always includes a detailed communication plan and a full suite of requirements to ensure safe, workable solutions.