Our Clients

Our clients are organisations in the renewable energy, mining and natural resources spaces; development consultants; Department for Infrastructure and Transport; engineering consultants and conservation groups. We support them to balance progress with environmental protection and renewal.

Our projects typically follow a five-step process.

Sturt Desert Pea

Step 1 Plan

Our five-step process begins with expert research and planning. Our researchers gather and review site data and provide initial advice on environmental legislation and regulations. Next we plan and budget the field work and assemble the right team for the job. Meticulous planning and experienced guidance on the approval process and potential obstacles sets the foundation for success, right from the start.

Step 2 Assess

Next our experienced team conducts baseline ecological surveys, threatened species assessments, and environmental site evaluations. Our fieldwork provides a comprehensive and detailed picture of the site and its interconnected ecosystems, forming the backbone of informed decision-making.

In the field, sandy plains - Our Process
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Step 3 Report And Recommend

Our comprehensive reports, including environmental impact assessments, conservation management plans, habitat restoration strategies, come with experienced recommendations to allow you to make confident and sustainable decisions.

Step 4 Guide

During the crucial stage of submission and approvals, we guide you to expertly navigate stakeholders and government agencies, comply with regulations and coordinate feedback: giving your project the greatest chance of progressing without roadblocks and delays.

Andrew with Client
In the field - Our Process

Step 5 Monitor and Review

If required following approval, we can develop and implement environmental review and monitoring programs, conduct ongoing compliance audits, and establish biodiversity offset initiatives: ensuring that the positive impact of your project endures, safeguarding ecosystems for generations to come.